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At Scrappbox Digital, we thrive on finding the right design and digital solutions for your business by embracing ever evolving technology and adapting with agility.

We Design, Develop & Deliver

Welcome to Scrappbox Digital! We are a team of colorful web designers, code crushing programmers, and marketing mad men (and women). We get a kick out of creating stunning web designs, building e-commerce sites, analyzing web traffic data, and much more.

  • Picking a logo is one of the single most important decisions a new business owner can make. You are not only creating a logo you are beginning to build a brand. Let our designers guide you through this process and help you get started on building an identity that will leave a lasting impression on all your customers.

  • A well designed website is your chance to make a first impression with your online market and differentiate yourself from the competition. Design is more than meets the eye - it's making a long-lasting visual effect on your clients. You may not be able to control what customers think about your brand; however, you can influence their perception by delivering a clear and consistent message.

  • At Scrappbox Digital, we have a few tools at our disposal to create more than a great- looking website. We have complete web development capabilities that range from static webpage design to full e-commerce sites. Whether you're starting with an idea, a new business, or looking to update an old website, our team can help you do it.

  • Scrappbox Digital wants to help you reach all of your customers to grow genuine relationships and connections that bring your business to the next level. Social media is a cost-effective, simple way to get further into the minds of your customers and find out exactly who they are, where they are, and what they need and want. In other words, social media is a creative way to reach your customers and build your brand.

  • One big mistake business owners make is not putting their money where their website is. So you've built a great website, it's visually attractive and easy to navigate. Now you need people to visit the site, but how do they find you? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of maximizing organic search results and improving the amount and quality of your site traffic.

  • Have you heard of the saying "Content is King"? It is. The more relevant content you can provide to your customers, the better your search results become, the more educated your visitors will be, and the more likely they are to buy your products and services. Think of your website copy as your digital sales person. It directly influences your customers' perception of your brand and the action they will take when they visit your site.

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